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tackled by webster. good start on this drive for the eagles. >> cris: the key is they're getting chips on both pass rushers on the outside. here's jason pierre-paul. they leave jason annvant in. then the tight end gets a little piece of him. >> al: from the 36. mccoy. there he goes, around the end again, to midfield. watkins helping lead the way. >> cris: brent celek with a really nice block out on jpp, but the fullback again, ha vily that gets down the field. as he's chopping his guy, chase blackburn gets caught up in the wash and there's nobody there. the edge defense of the giants has been pretty bad. >> al: from the 49 yard line of
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the giants. no play. mccoy. coming around again. a decent gain to the 44. gain of five. great nfc east rivalry. in that division dallas plays tomorrow night against chicago. they're 2-1. with a victory over the giants on opening night in hand. and the winner of this game goes to 3-1 and washington at the end pulls one out at tampa today. second and five now. again to the outside. catch is made maclin. has a hip injury, has only been targeted a couple of times tonight.
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that's his first catch of the night. >> cris: nice read by vick on that one. one of the few times they rotated back in coverage. vick saw it right off the back. maybe a better way to rotate the other way, not to his open field side where he was going to see that in the dropback. >> al: mccoy. taking it to the 36 yard line. short gain. >> cris: now, that was good by blackburn. that time they switch responsibilities on the outside. jason pierre-paul came crashing inside and chase blackburn looped out. i kind of like that adjustment right there. they'll set the enl with blackburn and much more effective. celek can't get out of the way. played perfectly by blackburn. >> al: second down for four minutes. second and nine. play action. vick's going to take off.
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he's going to get the first down and he's going to go out of bounds inside the 20 yard line. michael vick. >> cris: todd herremans does not have the easiest of games, but he just shoves him by mike vick who then steps up. one of the problems with not rushing five against vick, there are some huge running lanes in there. >> al: first down now. you got jackson lined up. in the slot. you got vic going back to throw. y the 15 yard line. good mixture on this drive. the running game of the eagles,
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they had rushed for yards. >> cris: and this double chipping strategy on the outside is just frustrating these pass rushers so much for the giants, now they have no choice but to watch this clock tick away as the eagles continue to move it down the field. >> al: second down and two. it will be first down and goal. right through the middle of the giants "d" to the 8. >> cris: as you come off the backside, you can see how hard demetress bell work on the back side of these runs because they know mccoy is going to come back. we're coming down to that moment in the games where it actually might benefit the giants if they score a touchdown to at least
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give eli some time. >> al: each team has used a time-out. so each has two plus the two-minute warning. mccoy gets taken down by prince amukamara. the eagles will not have to run. there's amukamara who's had an ankle sprain in preseason. just a couple of games. and he's going to go limping off. and the eagles are going to let the clock go down to the two-minute warning. so perhaps a dramatic finish ahead. we're headed that way. [ male announcer ] welcome to bud light fantasy football.
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share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. >> al: after the game, the wendy's post game report, they'll break it down, talk about news around the league. and we'll take a look ahead to next week's game in new orleans. so the strategy here now, two minutes to go, the giants are going to get the ball back one way or the other. you can think about letting them score. if you let them score a touchdown and if they take the touchdown, you need a touchdown. for the giants, it would behoove them to get philadelphia to obviously settle for a chip shot
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field goal, then all the giants would need is a field goal. the giants have two time-outs, two minutes to go and it's second down and goal at the yard line. bryce brown is the running back here. and they get it. brown will get taken down just inside the 3. and the giants now will take a time-out. so it will be third down and goal with 1:54 left.
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i mean we've been here for five hours and it only feels like four. it feels like four tops. this year, we're finally getting everything... ...that we didn't get last year. yeah. big screen! true 4g. yup. sfx: bing! hey, what did you just do? i just sent him a playlist. by touching phones? yup, simple as that. it's the galaxy s3. i'll see you at the studio later. later. when do you think we're going to be able to... do that thing? on the next one? vo: the next big thing is already here. the samsung galaxy s3.
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>> al: the wheels are spinning right now. if you're andy reid, what do you do? do you call a pass play? the problem with a pass play, if it's incomplete, you get your field goal but you leave coughlin with a time-out. if you run a running play and you don't get it, you make him use his last time-out assuming he chooses to use it at this point so he would have no time-outs. of course for the giants the big thing right now is to limit them to a field goal. so what does he do right here. >> cris: running michael vick, period.
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whether outside, inside, that's another ping. burn that time-out. >> al: third and goal. they're going to roll vick out. vick looking. vick's going to go down at the 9 yard line. now the ants can take their final time-out, which they do. it's fourth down and goal, even without a time-out, that's a lot of time for eli to go to work and only need a field goal. >> cris: i thought they were going to go more shotgun and do some kind of a draw. they put him in behind the center, actually get him out there. mike was sort of limping when he came off the field. don't know exactly what happened to him. but there was just one on one on the outside, but there was no way michael vick was throwing that ball. that was a run all the way. >> al: now you've got henery coming in, 3 for 3. he's got a new holder in mcbriar. they've had no problems tonight.
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a chip shot to try to give the eagles the lead. this will be about a 26-yarder. manning will get the ball. a couple of ticks, less than 1:52 after this. it's good. and the kick is just good. where have we seen that before? just inside the right upright. and back and forth we go in this one with 1:49. and it's 19-17 eagles. >> cris: well, now comes the david wilson show. you're going to kick it to him deep and give him another shot at this thing?
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>> al: that's what you're thinking about right now. eli is the master of the fourth quarter comeback. so his play selection, who do you think is the guy he'll most -- more likely to target than anybody else? >> cris: victor cruz obviously has been his big play guy along with hixon down the field, but it would not surprise me -- >> al: i was just thinking the same thing. the tight end who has played such a key role and been silent tonight. >> cris: caught that one pass called back on a penalty. but he's a big target. he's a weapon they've not had on this giants team. a guy that can go down the field, go up high and make a play. i'm going to assume that the eagles safeties are not going to overreact to the run and come up the way that they did on that last drive. >> al: so there's wilson averaging 36 a return. had a good one called back by a penalty. and he is going to get it here
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from 2 yards in the end zone. straight up the middle. wilson with another good runback. making it to the 37 yard line. boo-birds come out again with that coverage crew. >> cris: that would have been hard for me to take him in that situation, take it to him. i would have squibbed that thing somehow. on 80% of the kickoff returns, they've been bringing it back. that's probably the worst return he has. >> al: 1:43 on the time. ball at the 35. trying to get in to field goal range. and manning throwing it, falling down, incomplete. victor cruz, as he turns around about ten yards downfield goes to the turf. second down. >> cris: very lucky this ball's not intercepted.

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